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Lila is incredibly attractive, great to talk to, and lots of fun. With regards to booking, the extensive information on her web pages was very useful, and the booking process itself was very straightforward and made it very easy to communicate what I was after. Even though I was very nervous beforehand, when I met Lila we seemed to click right away, and I found myself very relaxed in her presence. I won't go into detail about what we did in our time together, but I enjoyed my time with Lila so much that two hours was not enough, and I saw her again two days later. Do yourself a favor and book some time with this amazing woman.


This is the second time I see Lila. I was really frustrated as I was not able to meet here for a long time. But, as she opened the door and I saw her smile, I was forgetting every problems. I must confess I am totally addicted and maybe not as objective as I could be! I am really into the pinup style and I like having long discussion, I am not against a little bit of kink and she goes beyond everything I love. I enjoyed every moment with her, except when I had to leave. I hope to see her again soon!


It was the first time I met Lila... and certainly not the last one! From the starting of the booking process to the last words at the door before leaving, everything was really amazing. She is not only beautiful, gorgeous or whatever words you could use to describe her body, but she also brought a delightful moment, deep conversation and ... in a nutshell, everything went beyond my expectation, I couldn’t have dreamed a better meeting. Now, i just have to wait for her next tour and hope for a longer time with her...


I’ve been lucky to book Lila a couple of times as I have missed many opportunity’s
Even with her very generous touring schedule. But each time I’m able I’m left feeling like a spoiled man indeed Lila is a gift to you gents a gift to be appreciated an experience of a life of worth !
A true beauty of movie star preportions the look of Monica Bellucci with the wit of Helen Mirren intensive intelligent and indulgent


Lila isn't the only escort that I've ever seen, but she's the only one I've ever gone back to. Her warmth and passion for the work make a session with her an absolutely unique experience. I was curious, seeing her a second time, if events would follow the same pattern as the first time. That fear is one of the things that's kept me from revisiting an escort. I needn't have worried - every encounter with Lila is unique. She feeds of your energy and your needs in the moment, giving you precisely what you want. The second session was better than the first, and not just because I was more comfortable with her. She remembered my preferences, and even all sorts of personal details about me, which is very impressive since it was almost a year since my last booking. An all around wonderful afternoon.


Went Back For Seconds

From the moment Lila answered the door, I was transported into an intimate reality where all my stresses were slowly stripped away.

I was made to feel immediately at home, despite this being my very first escort experience. The entire process was seamless, start to finish, and I would like to extend another thank you to Lila's assistant Alex for her extra-helpful service.

The whole experience was everything I had hoped it to be, better even. Lila's passion, integrity, present-ness, and of course her incredible body have absolutely spoiled me for any future encounters.

I am so glad I now have secret memories to replace what were for the longest time simply distant wishes.

We enjoyed ourselves so much I came back again and did it all over the next day. To be honest, I am still buzzing.

The only things bigger than Lila's chest are her heart & her smile. If you love busty women, you are cheating yourself if you don't share a session with Lila.

Spoil yourself. She is one of a kind.

Thank you Lila.

Gary says:

I had my first session with Lila yesterday, and after a very easy booking process with the help of her amazing assistant Alex i was greeted at the door by this stunning vision with a beautiful smile that was even better than the photos. Lila makes one feel totally at ease, and very safe in her amazing hands.

Lila took me to a place i never thought i would go, all my barriers came down and i was transported to another world.

Our session was a mixture of bliss, sexual tension and experimentation for me that was new and totally fulfilling. 

Lila is very easy to talk to and so good at getting one to open up in every way. It was an absolute pleasure to spend two hours with Lila.

Thank you

Kodiak says:

Recently had the pleasure of booking an extended Temptress session with Lila Payne. 

Her website, online booking form, and her excellent assistant Alex provided comprehensive information regarding what to expect during my session.

Lila's desire to please started from when she opened the door - absolutely stunning!!! Her body is simply amazing from head to toe. Her photos truly do not do her justice.

We spent the first few minutes confirming my desires and what i wanted to experience during the session. 

Lila ensured that each and every wish was met. She pushed my boundaries and allowed me to enjoy a fantastic session with an articulate, intelligent, caring, sexy, and gorgeous woman. 

Every dream achieved and every desire met - Thank you, Lila!!! 
It was a terrific way to start 2018 ... and can't wait to repeat the experience again!

O says:

An absolutely stunning and breathtaking beauty who will make your time unforgettable. I took the 2 hour temptress session with Lila and will be booking her the next time she is in Sydney without a doubt. 

Lila spent the time to draw out my desires and what I wanted from the session before making my dreams come true.

Platypus says:

Just outstanding - a cut above -her photos don't do her justice. A total professional with a wide knowledge base. Save your pennies for the best because she is it.

BFG says:

It was my first experience with Lila, so understandably I was quite nervous. Perhaps even worse I had not really explored my fetish beyond the fantasy and thus had little ability to communicate what it was i was searching for. 

But none of that stopped this goddess, this sadistic angel from providing an amazing session-- the bruises from which will eventually fade, but the memories will stay with me forever. 

Her ability to draw out my desires from a simple phone chat and face to face are uncanny, she guided me through the session with ease, knowing when to ease off and lighten the mood, and when to lay the punishment on thick ;)

She is perfection. And you owe it to yourself to be blessed by her presence. 


Matt D says:

I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Lila recently.

Whilst her pictures are stunning, they, like any pictures of the Northern Lights do not do her justice at all.

Lila is breathtakingly beautiful in person as well being obviously highly intelligent. 

Her body is amazing and she has the most beautiful eyes.

She has an easy conversational style which immediately relaxes you.

She's passionate and constantly communicates about likes and dislikes. 

I look forward too seeing her again!

Mitch says:

Lila makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door and instantly builds a connection. Her playful nature and sexiness is like no other woman I've ever met. If you are after a tailored memorable experience, then Lila is the perfect lady for you!

bigm says:

Somehow despite having played with Lila in a threescore and a foursome previously, up until this week I'd never seen her without having to share. That needed to be corrected. 

And I'm very damn glad I did.

Lila combines sensual, sexual and fetishes play in a way that suits me perfectly. She was wonderful about helping me try some new things, and - even better - was great when I discovered that one wasn't really for me.
And she backs it all up with a warmth, intelligence and acceptance that are wonderful to experience

Simon says:

What can I say, Lila is a lovely. She made me feel special and was gorgeous. I was totally fulfilled, and will certainly be back to see her in the near future. I highly recommend seeing Lila, I doubt you would find anyone in Melbourne like Lila. Can't wait for our next rendezvous.

FizzyGig says:

I have now had 3 glorious bookings with Lila, each one better than the last if that is at all possible.  

She is very genuine with a fabulous smile that puts you at ease and a really sexy body, which she knows how to tease and please you with. Her pictures are great but they pale in comparison to meeting her in person. The sessions never feel rushed and are always over so quickly. She’s a great person to talk to.

The sessions themselves are very dynamic and Lila is quite accommodating in cheekily suggesting ways to spice up the experience. I love that she remembers what we did in previous sessions, she gets to know what you like and what really gets your motor going making the whole experience so much better and far more tailored. When I’m with her the world melts away and there is only the hedonistic pleasures of our bodies and what we are doing together. She makes me feel that I’m the only one who matters which for me is what I love about the experience she provides.

I always feel amazing for weeks after our bookings and I eagerly wait for her return to where I am.

Enzo says:

Well what can I say.. wow... From our initial phone conversation I have never met anyone so understanding and passionate about what they do. From the get go she made me comfortable and were able to open up to her with my deepest fantasies and desires.

Not only does Lila look amazing she is always making sure that you and enjoying yourself. Amazing lady who I will most definitely back to see. Oh and make sure you bring her something nice.. she deserves it.... Can't wait till next time.

BigM says:

One week ago i celebrated my birthday.

One week ago i was lucky enough to spend a couple hours with Paige Thomas, Lila Payne and Ellyse Lowe. 

One week later I'm still pinching myself wondering if i was dreaming.

Organizing everything was a breeze - I had a few simple requests that were fulfilled beautifully.

The ladies DEFINITELY enjoyed each others company - while teasing the living hell out of me, lol. 

These was passion, laughter, smiles and genuine warmth which made it a truly memorable evening.

We started off with a quick but thorough discussion of everyone's boundaries - and from there proceeded to get a bit kinky. everyone went out of their way to help me realise my fantasies.

Lila a couple times referred to herself as the orgy mum, as she orchestrated what became a rather debaucherous and kinky evening for me to live out some fantasies and seriously shorten my bucket list. 

When it comes to combining sex and some of the more BDSM aspects I've never met anyone better - Lila can easily adapt to help you expand your comfort zone, while being incredibly respectful of everyones limits.

Luckily i already have a long one on one booking with Lila organised for early next year - and this time I won't have to share her!

Ken says:

Time spent with Lila was so amazing. I booked whilst she was on tour and she greeted me on the elevator with an amazing figure hugging dress. She kept me at ease and made sure that all the details I included in my booking were met. She is such a lovely lady and her curves are memorizing. She has ample breasts that I couldn't get enough of. She was not clock watching and gave me undivided attention throughout and I cannot wait to see her again in town.

Daniel says:

I finally got to see Lila on her last Sydney tour after a long awaited anticipation. She is so beautiful in person I was lost for words. I have seen many escorts in my time and never met a girl so vibrant. Her sexual confidence and her presence is intimidating at first but I soon settled in and my heart rate slowed down haha!

Of course the sex is mind-blowing but what I wasn’t prepared for was how open she is to building a real connection and wanting to get to know me.

She is breathtakingly intelligent, articulate and funny. She is an open book and truly invested in making connections. All my expectations were exceeded and I’m excited to explore more on her next visit to Sydney. Thank you for making this old man smile, Lila.

Luca says:

Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m not a millionaire, or there would be a lot of disappointed men and women out there because I would follow Lila around the country and have her fully booked.

I cannot recommend her enough. I was a virgin before last night and I have never been more terrified of anything in my entire life, I am 27 so for me this was a big deal.

Talking to women has become almost impossible for me, let alone a goddess like Lila, but it didn’t take long for her to settle my nerves. I don’t have the writing prowess to express really just how good Lila is at what she does.

You just have to find out for yourself. 11/10”

Raymond says:

I am well into my 60s now and have been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the world. I have also been fortunate to have spent time with some very beautiful women. 

This evening I spent some time with the magnanimous Lila and to be truthful I was totally enthralled not only by her Rubenesque figure but by her gorgeous face. 

Even more alluring is the way her effervescent personality makes you feel at ease in no time. 

When God made Lila he was showing off.

Rocky says:

An evening with Miss Payne is the best thing I have done in a long long time. Being very new to this I was a bit nervous to see her but she made everything so easy for me.

Very thorough very energetic very practical and extremely efficient not to forget that voluptuous body that makes you go gaga big time. I had the best time ever and I cannot wait to see her the next time.
Thank you Miss Payne Xx

Paul says:

 I have recently been fortunate enough to spend a few hours with the incomparable Lila Payne. 

Lila is very young however her imagination, knowledge, warmth, intuitiveness, consideration, experience, post session care and overall professionalism are attributes that I have seen lacking in other professionals, even those almost twice her age.

Lila takes her craft very seriously. She is a keen listener and extremely attentive to detail. This is evident to a point where I found myself questioning what I had discussed with Lila because she seemed to be accurately aware of detail that I was uncertain if I had discussed openly with her. This came across as highly surprising but extremely pleasant in the type of role play scenario that we undertook.

Lila’s appearance is incredibly striking. While she would look fantastic wearing a potato sack, greeting me at the doorway in heels and a tight fitting corseted outfit nearly brought tears to my eyes and made my knees buckle!

In heels Lila has a towering Amazonian presence that left me speechless. I was so transfixed by her incredible bust and general appearance that I had trouble concentrating on her instructions. This made the BDSM/role play scene that we partook in even more realistic and exciting as my shortcomings were sternly addressed by Lila.

The type of session I was after is relatively complex. Yet Lila was highly skilled in catering to my needs. Some of the fetish needs in question were things that have been a part of me since childhood. Yet Lila managed to introduce new exciting and highly effective twists to them that my imagination could not have attained.

The only downside of being with Lila is that two hours can seem like two minutes. Time goes by incredibly fast. Luckily Lila is not a clock watcher. She is in fact incredibly generous with her time.

As much as I’d like to keep her all to myself I cannot recommend Lila Payne highly enough. Do yourselves a favour and go see this lady.

Matt says:

Wow...is just one of the many many words I would use to describe both Lila and the time we spent together.

Upon meeting Lila you realize her photos don’t do her justice, she is far more beautiful in person.

I was greeted with a warm beautiful smile a gentle hug from her beautiful body and a kiss from her soft lips which made me feel relaxed and right at home.

The thing I enjoyed most about our time together was the fact that it was relaxed and comfortable. She knew what I wanted from previous messages, which made it easier to try new things ie splooshing (you must try it ).

Lila is all class, a dream come true for me. There’s a lot of words that I could use to describe Lila and our time together, beautiful is only but one, you would need to be with her to truly appreciate and understand. I plan and hope to see her again.

Ben says:

Firstly Lila is every bit as beautiful in person as she is in her photos, a true voluptuous goddess!

She’s very genuine and clearly takes a lot of pride in her work, providing excellent service. Lila is open minded and makes sure to include any requests or fantasies I desired and gave me a sexual experience I’ll never forget.

I would highly recommend Lila to anyone and I will definitely be seeing her again.


 Some time ago the lovely Paige Thomas was stalking Lila’s twitter feed and was heard to comment “Someone damn well better book Lila for me to play with.”

Now being relatively quick on the uptake I immediately sent off a text message and - lo and behold - we had a threesome arranged.

Organising was easy and Lila was more than happy to accommodate a few specific requests I contacted her about before hand.

Although the first thing that strikes you on meeting Lila is her amazing bust, she is a beautifully presented, sweet and open woman, who greets you with a genuine smile.

She was enthusiastic, fully involved and playing with both Paige and I, and made sure we covered the few small requests I had put to her beforehand, along the way fulfilling 20 year old fantasy of mine. 

We incorporated some BDSM elements which were handled with great regards to safety and limits, and were incorporated seamlessly with the rest of our play. And Paige was heard to comment that Lila was one of the most skilled strap-on wielders she had ever seen.

The only problem I now have is that i’m torn between having another threesome with Paige and Lila, or being greedy and playing with her by myself.

Christopher says:

Lila Payne is quite simply the queen of consensual non-consent. If you’ve ever wanted to role-play being the “unwilling” victim of a stunningly voluptuous goddess, then she is utterly unmissable.

I specified in my initial text message that I was interested in a Banquet, and we filled out some general directions on first phone contact. During that call, she was also very clear about her own strengths, her level of expertise, and which of my interests were outside the scope of the service she provides.

Once we met (and Lila is every bit as gorgeous in person as she is in her photographs), a delightful get-to-know-you segued seamlessly into a thorough interview about what I was into and how it meshes with the services she provides. She was also not at all backward in coming forward with some rather delicious suggestions of her own.

I won’t go into details about the session itself, beyond saying that it was amazingly hot; everything I hoped for and more. During that time, she was meticulous in including all we’d discussed, while being constantly vigilant for any issues with consent. Nevertheless, she still managed to throw in some delectable surprises that stole my breath away.

Once we were done, her post session aftercare was second to none. Very careful to check in on how my headspace was and what my likes and dislikes about the session were, alongside providing some feedback of her own.

All in all, I found Lila to be astoundingly considerate and a consummate professional, and I can’t wait to see her again.”

Simon says:

I recently had the pleasure of spending two hours with the gorgeous Lila Payne for the first time, and it was an experience I’ll definitely be repeating. I’d found Lila on Scarlet Blue and Twitter and was intrigued by her looks, body and what appeared to be a devilish attitude. 

After some text messages and a call to understand what I was looking for all was arranged and I arrived on the day at her central location and was met at the door by a stunning figure in lingerie (I’d mentioned my penchant for 50’s pinups) - initial introductions were accompanied by passionate kisses and I knew it would be a good night. 

As we started getting down to business, talk turned to her interest in fetish / B&D and my previous experiences in it and my willingness to try anything. Lila’s eyes seemed to spark at this and we were off - round 1 proceeded to involve tying, face-sitting, rimming and a strap-on, finishing in mind-blowing ecstasy.

After some recovering and more chatting about fetish fantasies (whilst simultaneously playing with her magnificent assets), round 2 started and continued in a more vanilla, but no-less erotic fashion, finishing just as spectacularly. 

Lila is a wonderful woman who loves what she does, is fun to be with and knows how to please, leaving you completely satisfied. Am already planning my next visit and trying out some of the fantasies / fetishes we talked about.

Ethan says:

Words do not do the fabulous Lila Payne justice. As I arrived at her door I was filled with a nervous tension, an adrenaline that was only heightened when I was greeted by my sultry host. 

To my delight she eased my tension as we sat down and talked; Lila is an amazing conversationalist with a wealth of knowledge that made me feel comfortable with ease. Discussion started off casual but soon enough things turned to the topic at hand and I found myself caressing her delicious curves and kissing her succulent lips. If words don’t do her justice neither do pictures, she is so much more in the flesh. 

As a man with a penchant for larger than normal busts Lila fulfilled all my fantasies and then some. While her shapely ass and thighs also distracted me we began to explore each other. Lila knows what she likes and listening to her is a mutual benefit, the payoff is very much worth it and seeing her get off accelerated my drive. Suffice to say it was easily the best sex I’ve had.

With both our needs sated and a quick shower later there was some more great conversation before I left feeling bliss, calm contentment and the feeling of one of the best nights I’ve had in quite a while.

I cannot praise her enough or go over the deep connection she makes but I will definitely be seeing her again in the future.

Hans says:

To keep it short, unbelievably awesome lady in every way.

She is well spoken, and shows genuine interest and doesn’t come across put on or fake.

The service was (sounds cliche) but unrushed and she never got distracted or deviated from the service I requested.

And as for the service she provided, I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Cindy says:

Lila is a true artist. She has a presence and a power that has to be experienced to be believed. She cares deeply about her work and those who get to experience her considerable talents. 

In sessions, she skilfully weaves together your mumbled fantasies and desires, reading and reacting to cues before you’ve noticed you’ve given them. She kisses in a way that will steal your soul. 

She’s got a brain as impressive as her bodice. Really. She is fetish friendly, judgement free, safe, scrupulous and generous with both her time and range of activities (no clock watching, no sudden extra charges). 

Physically? Well you’ve seen the pictures. They’re real, but yet insufficient. They don’t convey the depth of her gaze, her wicked laugh or her musk. 

Lila is genuinely one of the more fascinating people I’ve ever met. Whatever you are into, it will be highened, deeper, longer and more shudderingly awesome if she is there with you.

Kevin says:

I always have had a preference for busty women- natural DD bust or larger & was intrigued by the work of Lila and thought I might as well give it a try... 😄

It was July 7th Tuesday & perfect timing as well. I just found out that I finished up my university studies and so decided to give myself a naughty, rewarding & sinful treat. I booked time with Lila from 12:30pm to 1:30pm that lunchtime.

Well, what can I say. Pardon the pun, but it was the most satisfying and tasiest lunch ever. With a beautiful 12JJ natural bosom to die for, I kissed, licked, massaged, nibbled, stroked & sucked on them. It was divine heaven. But it’s not all about natural breasts. She gave me a terrific back massage with coconut oil- nice stress reliever- and had a good conversation.

I would definitely recommend Miss Lila for anyone wanting to have a fantastic and fun time with ample natural assets :). And even if consented activities are not to your liking, I can guarantee that Lila is a great conversationalist & good listener.

Do NOT miss this opportunity of a lifetime 😄

I look forward to seeing you again soon Lila.

Andrew says:

Ok so this is going to be a long review so be prepared. I’m a lover of curves, pinup, retro ladies and well Lila just ticks every singe box! 

As I type this review I can’t help but smile, the smile started when the door opened and there in front of me is Lila. Standing there in heels, lingerie, stockings and looking just amazing. The pictures of Lila on here show how beautiful Lila is and she’s even more so in the flesh.

Now this meeting has been a few months in the making, arranging a date and time and setting up a sploshing session which I’ve discovered is one of Lila’s first loves. 

So into the room and I’m greeted by a big blowup pool! I have to say Lila goes to great extremes to sculpt a tailored experience for you and boy was I surprised. Needless to say I was really blown away by this and as a first meeting with Lila I knew I was in for a great time. 

If you have ever wanted to try sploshing may I recommend Lila as she truly loves it and you can tell, both of us at the end of the session were in bliss. We were covered in custard, ganache, cake, more custard and wave after wave of pleasure. I’m glad Lila purchased the pool as there was much sliding, laughing, kissing, new sensory discovers were made with the thrill of cold custard and body parts. 

Lila is a woman that knows what she likes and if you’re smart you’ll listen and ask her to guide you through her pleasures. Sessions with Lila are a mutual pleasure experience and if you want to get the most out of your time with her allow Lila to show you what she likes. 

There are so many other things I could write about our time together but I’d be going for pages and pages, suffice to say that seeing Lila was a truly blissful experience and even now several days later I still get that goofy smile on my face and can’t wait to see her again next time she’s in Canberra.

James says

Date published: September 29, 2015 at 7:40 pm

An afternoon with Lila opened my eyes...and other parts of me too. During our session she was by turns dominant, feminine, serious and playful. She had obviously brought thoughtful planning to the time I had with her and the result was an afternoon like no other. Lila is as intelligent as she is sexy. 

The pictures do not lie. In fact they don’t even begin to tell the story. Thanks Lila!

Leon says:

I have been following Lila online for quite some time now and finally plucked up the courage to making a booking with her. I love voluptuous women and pinup style.

I wanted to explore submission and dip my toe into the kink pool so to speak.

As soon as a heard Lila’s voice over the phone I knew we were going to click.

She is absolutely a goddess... strong, powerful, intelligent and playful. I was very nervous but as soon as we were alone together that all melted away. She is so comfortable to be around. She is very intuitive and seems to pay attention to all the finer details. It was an intense and amazing session that I wont soon forget!

I’m so looking forward to next time!

Thank you Lila x

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