Come a little closer...

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A woman like no other.

Deep in your soul you have a desire, a longing, a fantasy. A yearning to take and be taken by a beautiful woman, like in a movie,  a vision, a siren; vivacious, alluring and wicked.

I am Lila Payne.

Welcome Home. 

I am that haunting, lingering fantasy made flesh. I can take you into the realms of fantasy made real... a playful, breathtaking experience like the ones that have swirled within the back of your imagination for as long as you can remember.

I want to offer you a respite from your normal life... to be a treasured secret for you to enjoy. My naturally effortless sexuality will help you unwind, explore and discover so many wonderful things about yourself, that the secret fantasy you have always had will be replaced by a wicked, precious memory.