+What is the best way to contact you?

If you would like to book a date head to the Book page and follow the prompts. If you have a specific question that my website doesn't answer you can text 0403 649 211

+ When are you available?

To check my availability head to the Book page.

When you select a booking length and your city, all of the dates I have available in your city will pop up.

Clicking on any day will show the times I have available for that day.

It takes about 30 seconds. Much faster then texting.

As a general rule my hours are...

Melbourne / 11am - 11pm / Tuesday - Friday

Other cities / 7am - 11am / Tuesday - Friday.

If the time you were hoping for isnt available or outside of those hours simply make a booking on the "Waitlist" and I will be in touch if I can make that time available for us.

+ Can I make a booking without using the online system?

No. I don't arrange dates via text. Only ever through my online booking system.

It is 110% more time efficient then texts or emails and allows you to edit, change, reschedule or cancel whenever you like.

More importantly though its about demonstrating respect and building trust. It goes without saying but when you show me you can honour my requests in the booking process you show me you can do the same in the bedrooom.

+ What if I don't have a private email?

Make one. It takes less then 5 minutes to make a gmail account and the peace of mind will last a life time.

Here is video on how to do that.

+ When will you be in my city next?

I am Melbourne based and you can find my touring schedule here Alternatively simply select your city in my booking system and all of my tour dates for your city will pop up.

+ What are your rates?

Please refer to my rates page.

+Do you do Incalls and Outcalls?


Please be awear that all outcalls incur a %100 travel fee and require photo ID for security in order to be confirmed.

+ Do I need to make a deposit?

A $100 deposit is required for dates outside of Melbourne. Pre booking our date in advancce with a deposit is best to avoid disappointment as my dance card is often full a few weeks prior.

+ How do I make a deposit?

Deposits are only required forum bookings outside of Melbourne. When making a deposit I ask that you do not pay the full amount.

Once you have made a booking, you'll receive the confirmation email that contains my account details.

You can transfer your deposit electronically or simply make a withdrawal at ATM and head into your nearest Commonwealth Bank and make a cash deposit with your phone number has reference.

This is the most discreet way of making a deposit.

+ What don't you offer?

  • CIM (cum in mouth)
  • Swallowing
  • COF (cum on face)
  • Spanking (receiving)
  • Filming
  • Tea-bagging
  • Snowballing
  • Rimming on you
  • Face fucking (receiving)
  • Face slapping (receiving)
  • Hair-pulling (receiving)
  • Fisting (receiving)
  • Squirting
  • Anal fingering (receiving)
  • Anal sex (receiving)

+ What do you enjoy in a session?

Engaging conversation, connection and exploration. I am a giver at heart and to pamper and nurture is truley my greatest joy. Consider me your TLC expert.

I beleive that the quality of pleasure we both give and receive is equal only to how much we can teach our lover about our body, how much guidance and feedback we give and our capacity and willingness to both give and to follow that guidance.

+ Do you see couples?

I sure do! Please refer to my Couples page

+ Do I need to shave?

Please don’t shave your pubic hair because you turn yourself into a human cheese grater. Rather, trim it so you’re simply accessible and tidy.

There’s no need to shave facial hair, though I do like to avoid prickles. Beards are fine, however if you are usually clean-shaven, a fresh face makes for less pash-rash.

+ What are your dislikes?

  • Racism and general bigotry - Keep that shit to your damn self
  • Too much cologne – please use it sparingly
  • Brown spirits (whiskey, rum, etc) and beer
  • Unwashed butt-cracks
  • Being spanked
  • Too much direct clitoral stimulation - less is more

+ Do you see clients with disabilities?


I welcome lovers of every level of ability both physical and intellectual. I’m a neuro-diversity advocate. I have training with “Touching Base” and am comfortable and confident with assisting any and all of your needs. You are very welcome to get in touch to discuss your specific needs if you like.

If filling out my online from is tricky for you we can simply arrange our booking over the phone. If talking over the phone is a barrier for you we can arrange our booking via email. If all of that is tricky I’m also comfortable chatting to your carer, support staff, or relative etc. Whatever works for you.

+ What should I bring?

Other than full payment in an unsealed envelope, you will not need to bring anything.

If you have something specific of your own you’d like to bring and incorporate into our session, you are welcome.

If you’d like to bring a gift some of my preferences are on my “Spoil Me” page where you can also find my wishlist.

+ What kink services do you offer?

I am also a trained and well equipt Pro Domme. Here is a full list of my kink services. I am more then happy to incorporate BDSM, Kink and fetish into our session. If you want to know more head to

+ Can you come to me?

Whilst in-calls are my preference, I do offer out-calls to the CBD and surrounding areas. Pleaase note all outcalls incur a travel fee of $100

If your city isn’t on my touring calendar, I can come to you for 3 hour+ bookings, plus flights. Get in touch to see what is possible.

+ Are your breasts real?

Yes, my breasts are 100% natural and I am a 12 HH cup.

+ Can I buy you a gift?

Absolutely. You can see some of my preferences on my “Spoil me” page. If you want to buy me a gift here is my “Wishlist”.

+ Can I book you now for when I come to Australia?

Yes! You can certainly make a booking even if you are not in Australia yet. I communicate and confirm bookings via text, so if you have an Australian mobile phone (cell phone) number, please include that in your booking information. If you don't, you can use your local number inside WhatsApp and we can communicate there. My personal assistant Alex will text with you in WhatsApp.

+ What is your SWA Number?

SWA 8898XE

+ What are your stats?

  • Height: 5.7" / 170cm
  • Breasts: Natural 12 HH Cup
  • Hair: Short and dark brown
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Heritage: Czech / Scottish

If you have a specific question that my website or FAQs section doesn’t answer you are welcome to text my assistant Alex on 0403 649 211.