• I ask that you read my entire website before making a booking.

  • Please pay attention to the instructions and information given to you in text and emails.

  • Be polite to my personal assistant. Alex takes great care to treat you with respect and courtesy. I expect you to do the same in return. If you find Alex goes above and beyond and you'd like to tip Alex, let me know and I can facilitate that for you.

  • At the very beginning of our time together please ensure you place payment on the table in plain sight without verbal exchange. Given the delicate nature of our fist few moments together I would hate to spoil it by having to ask for said envelope.

  • I pay very close attention to my own grooming and ask that you do the same. I always have showers, unscented body wash, fresh towels & mouthwash available.

  • Trimming and filing your nails before our session is a good idea.

  • Do not open any beverages before I arrive.

  • 3 Hour+ dates require snacks.

  • I have an extensive list of my preferences here.