I utterly adore threesomes. This is where I come alive. Whether you are dipping your toes in the water for the first time, or you are seasoned veterans, you have found what you are looking for in me, I am your unicorn.


  • 1 hour $650

  • 1.5 hours $850

  • 2 hours $1,000

  • 3 hours $1,300

For extended play dates get in touch so I can curate something special for us.


Threesomes and doing them right is my absolute specialty and my passion and enthusiasm is contagious.

Rest assured that I am genuinely and enthusiastically attracted to women and femmes of every possible shape and size. Women delight and intoxicate me. I am an active and passionate participant in your pleasure if you're a woman, or your partner if she's a woman and threesomes with me are never focused one person alone. 

My in depth experience, confidence and intuition will put you both at ease and ensure everyone has a truly memorable experience. My primary focus is on everyone feeling comfortable, included and pampered.

Everything listed on my services page is of course available for everyone involved, that includes  strap-on play, double penetration, passionate mutual natural oral and kissing. Nobody will have any itch left un-scratched.


Q: This is our first threesome, what if we don't know what to do?

A: It's completely understandable to feel nervous if this is your first experience, but rest assured that I am well versed in the art of threesomes, an excellent communicator and facilitator. Both of you will feel held and guided. I very much think of myself as a choreographer, and if that suits you, all you need to do is come along for the ride. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and an open mind, and I'm confident we will have a fabulous playful time together. 


Q: What do we need to do before our date?

A: Before booking a couples session with me, it's important to talk with each other about what that means for you; what your hopes and intentions are, e.g. experimentation, connection, spicing things up, pampering a particular person. But most importantly, you should discuss your in-session boundaries. Discuss if there is anything specific you want to keep for yourselves (e.g. I won't be involved in any penetrative sex that may happen, but heavy petting is ok). 


Q: Can I arrange a date with you as a surprise for my partner?

A: Unfortunately not.

To insure everyone's comfort and enjoyment it is important that all parties are aware and enthusiastic prior to our date so unfortunately I'm unable to accommodate surprise bookings.


Q: Do you offer voyeur (watching/being watched) sessions?

A: Absolutely! Watching and being watched can be such a wildly erotic experience. Whether it's being the voyeur or putting on a show for your partner, I am open to any combinations.


Q: Do you do bookings of more than three people?

A: Unfortunately three is my limit. I don't want to spread my magic too thin! I don't currently accommodate bookings where more than three people are in the room together. 


Q: Do you do MMF (Male/Male/Female) couples/group bookings?

A: I don't accommodate bookings with myself and two other cis-men.

I can accommodate MFF bookings and of course, I do accommodate queer, non-binary and trans lovers.